🚀 Case Study: Transforming Bistara Linen’s Shopify Store with DigiPromoters 🚀

Bistara Linen, a renowned online retailer for high-quality home furnishings, faced significant challenges with their Shopify store. The previous developer had left the site riddled with bugs and inefficiencies, leading to poor performance, low sales, and a frustrating user experience.


  1. Bug-Ridden Theme: The custom theme created by the previous developer was full of bugs, causing frequent glitches and a subpar user experience.
  2. Slow Loading Speed: The website’s performance was severely hampered by inefficient coding and large, unoptimized images, leading to long load times.
  3. Poor Sales Performance: Due to the technical issues and poor user experience, sales were significantly below expectations, causing frustration for the client.

Our Solution

Company: DigiPromoters
Service: Shopify Store Redesign and Optimization

To address these challenges, DigiPromoters undertook a comprehensive redesign and optimization project for Bistara Linen’s Shopify store.

Theme Overhaul:

  • Bug Fixing: We meticulously identified and rectified all existing bugs in the theme.
  • Code Optimization: Rewriting and optimizing the code to enhance the overall functionality and ensure a seamless user experience.

Performance Optimization:

  • Image Optimization: Compressed and resized images without compromising quality to improve load times.
  • Speed Enhancement: Implemented best practices for site speed, including leveraging browser caching, minimizing JavaScript, and optimizing CSS.

Sales Strategy Improvement:

  • User Experience Design: Redesigned the user interface for better navigation and a more engaging shopping experience.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Implemented features such as streamlined checkout processes, product recommendations, and improved call-to-action buttons to boost conversions.


1. Significant Sales Increase:
After the revamp, Bistara Linen experienced a dramatic 10x increase in sales. The improved user experience and efficient functionality contributed to higher customer satisfaction and increased purchase rates.

2. Enhanced Website Speed:
The website’s loading speed improved significantly, providing a fast and smooth browsing experience. This not only boosted user engagement but also positively impacted the site’s SEO ranking.

3. Client Satisfaction:
The client, previously frustrated with the performance of their site, expressed immense satisfaction with the results delivered by DigiPromoters. The seamless functionality and increased sales were key indicators of the project’s success.

Client Testimonial

“Working with DigiPromoters has been a game-changer for Bistara Linen. Our previous developer left us with a buggy, slow website that was hurting our sales. The team at DigiPromoters completely turned things around. The site is now super fast, and user-friendly, and our sales have skyrocketed. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”
Owner of Bistara Linen


DigiPromoters.com comprehensive redesign and optimization of Bistara Linen’s Shopify store have led to outstanding improvements in both site performance and sales. This case study highlights the importance of technical proficienc

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